Quite simply, no. The reason for this is because eyelash extensions, no matter how natural you want them to look, they will always without a doubt, be different to your natural lashes. They will sit differently, appear darker, have a different curl etc. Do not be fooled by the ‘less is more’ where lashes are concerned.

Wanting just the outer corner covered is a common request. However this in turn will make the inner corner of your eye look rather strange and require make up to help blend it in and match it to the extensions. This then defeats the object of having the extensions and makes them shed quicker with the constant application and removal of make up. It is better to just enhance the outer corner more than the inner corner.

Natural eyelashes do not grow with gaps between them unless there is a valid explanation for it such as old chicken pox scars, alopecia, regrowth after chemotherapy or other side effects from various drugs etc, so why would you choose to have eyelash extensions with big gaps between them because you want less? Covering every lash does not have to give a false appearance, quite the opposite. It creates more of a natural appearance and is longer lasting as well.