Bridal Eyelash Extensions in London by Camilla Lashes

Eyelash Extensions are the perfect accessory for your wedding. Being such an emotional day, its not unusual to shed a tear or two. Brides need to have confidence in their make up and knowledge that their overall will look remain perfect and intact all day.

Allowing you to look beautiful and feel great from the moment you wake up, as you can never be too sure when the photos will start! Giving you the confidence, that when the time comes there will be no mascara running down your face if you shed a tear.

As you enter marital bliss you will love your eyelash extensions even more. You’ll be able to maintain that “I just woke up like this” appearance. Eliminating you the need to apply any make up, saving you time to enjoy your day with new spouse.

Camilla did my lashes for my wedding.
They pricelessly saved me from having to wear mascara on my big day (hurrah for no streaky tear marks!) and they’ve been amazing throughout my honeymoon! 4 weeks of suncream, safari dust, swimming, snorkelling and airplane snoozing and they’re still so full- you’re absolutely worth your weight in gold Camilla, thank you!!

Rachel, London

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