A full set is when someone has no eyelash extensions on their natural lashes and therefore needs to have all or nearly all of their natural lashes covered to create the finished look. This can either be because it is their first time having eyelash extensions or they have had extensions previously and now wish to have them again.

An infill is when you return 3-4 weeks after your previous extension appointment to refresh your look.

Eyelash Extensions will need to be applied to your new lash growth to maintain your unique design and appearance.

Over the first few weeks of having eyelash extensions, some of the natural lashes which have extensions applied to will have come to the end of their life cycle and will shed with no damage to the natural lashes.

This then allows space for new lashes to grow in their place and during the infill they are the lashes that will be covered. This then gives the same final look as the full set. However it takes less time as there will still be eyelash extensions attached which reduces the time of application. Normally technicians put a limit of how many extensions you still need to have attached to your lashes to classify as an infill, as when there are one or two extensions left you basically require a full set to create the final look again.