Depending on the adhesive that is chosen, this will depend on how long you will need to refrain on getting them wet immediately after the application. One adhesive takes 3 hours to cure and therefore needs to be kept dry for 3 hours. The other cures within 48 hours and therefore needs to be kept dry for 48 hours.

For piece of mind you can always purchase the correct after care products from your eyelash technician. Xtreme Lashes have all the after care products you could need that are all designed to work with the eyelash extensions and help promote longevity. They include award winning eyeliners, mascaras, concealers, brow pens, eye serums, cleaners and disposables to help remove your make up.

It is recommended is to avoid any kind of oil. This can be found in most cosmetics and beauty products under different names and can be misleading at times.

It is best to avoid using any cotton wool or cotton wool buds, face wipes and towels over or near the extensions.

To maximize the longevity of your eyelash extensions, try to avoid sleeping directly on them, rubbing, picking or pulling at them, as this can cause them to shed prematurely. Refraining from this can also help improve the quality of the delicate skin in your eye area.