Eyelash Extensions can be called by many different many names nowadays. They can be called Mink, Faux Mink, Synthetic, Acrylic, Silk, Gloss, Cashmere or Sable Lashes. Despite all the ‘natural’ sounding names, most of them are still made of synthetic materials. The biggest difference being the overall finish they give, which affects the look and feel of the final appearance of your lashes.

I only ever use faux mink and the finest quality of synthetic lashes. They are the closest thing to the look and texture wise to real hair, giving you a natural look that feels real.

Firstly I do not agree with the use of real fur for ethical reasons and have many clients that are vegetarian or vegan, who can feel safe in the knowledge that their eyelashes are cruelty free. You want your eyelash extensions to look great 24/7 even if they get wet. This can only be achieved with lashes made of synthetic materials.